Sublimation Printing

Oregon Serigraphics specializes in Sublimation (Sub) Printing.  SUB printing is the prefered method of printing for Dri-Fit Performance wear.  The process is quite exciting - utilizing a special printer, specific inks and paper for Sublimation printing, design are printed 'reverse' and applied to light-colored polyester fabrics with high heat and high pressure applied with a commerial heat press.  This type of heat press applies high-heat at even pressure for good transimission. 

Sublimation is the process by which the ink turns into a gas at high temperatures - it's then transfered to the apparel with heavy pressure resulting in actually 'dyeing' the fabric rather than ink sitting on top of the apparel.  The finish print results in exceptonal soft hand as there is no residual ink  - it's dyed into the fabric.

Sublimation printing is limited to light colors only - whites, light greys and pastel colors.  ORS also specializes in hard-products printed with Sublimation - signs, photo plaques, mouse pads and many more items.  Stop in to see our selection.